About Us

We are a 100% Portuguese Company focused on promoting the perfect match between Companies and Applicants.

We believe that People are the basis for a promising future. They are the force behind professionalism, innovation, and determination capable of making not only businesses grow and thrive but also the world in general and that is why we place all our trust on People and dedicate our body and soul to them...

We realise that every person is unique; therefore, our main aim is to get them to achieve their professional goals according to their ambitions and best aptitudes.

This is why we exist. To make the journey easier between People and their careers and between companies and their needs for talent. Based on trust and commitment among all, we permanently strive to evolve without ever getting too comfortable as this is the only way we will achieve the necessary innovation to adapt to all different situations, hence achieving the outcome we want: everyone growing.

With more than 25 years of experience, thousands of Applicants placed, and thousands of happy Clients, our Temp Job, Recruitment and Selection, and Outsourcing solutions continue to make a difference in People’s lives.

From the north to the south of the country regardless of the business sector or level of qualification. We are here. Now and Always.

Our History


Opening of the Palmela Office


The ‘Best Company to work for in Portugal’ Award

Multitempo joined the list of 100 Best Companies to work for in Portugal created by Exame Magazine together with Everis and AESE.


Opening of the Campo Maior Office


Opening of the Ferreira do Alentejo Office


Opening of the Sao Teotonio Office


Opening of the Faro Office


Multitempo Serviços was Created

This was created as a complement to Multitempo’s activity in human resources in terms of outsourcing in the agricultural, industrial, logistics, trade, and service sectors.


Opening of the Trofa Branch

We wish to be closer to our Clients and Employees in this area making it easier to deepen our professional relationship and allowing for local employment to be created.


The Academia da Area Tecnica (Academy of the Technical Area) was created

The Academia da Area Tecnica created tools for acquiring knowledge, sharing information, experience, and good practices making it easier for integration, follow-up, and support for interns and new employees at Multitempo - Human Resource Officers - who receive in the end a Technical Skill Certificate.


New Image

We developed a new visual identity as an affirmation of our maturity, experience, and capacity to successfully handle challenges in a highly competitive market.


Creation of the Employee and Client Portals

We developed two innovative portals allowing for our Employees and Clients to access all useful information. This way, we wish to make access easier in a simple, practical, and safe manner.


Opening of the Maia Branch

On November 2nd of this year we transitioned our office from Oporto to Maia.


Grupo RHmais was Created

Grupo RHmais, of which Multitempo is now a part, was created through a Management Buyout (MBO) operation carried out by staff members and managers who comprise the current structure of RHmais - Investimentos e Consultoria, SA.


Certification of the Quality Management System

We have the APCER certification according to the EN ISO 9001 standard within the scope of our provision of Recruitment and Selection, Placement, and Management of Temp Workers.


Opening of the Barreiro Branch

Expanding to this important region of the country was a win considering its consolidation in strategic clients and our capacity to proactively face the market.


APCRI - Associaçao Portuguesa de Capital de Risco (Portuguese Risk Capital Association) Awards

We received the APCRI Award three years in a row for our top business performance, effective management dynamics, and contribution to the strengthening of the Risk Capital activity in Portugal.


Opening of the Oporto Office

We initially opened an office in Oporto.


Multitempo was Founded

Multitempo - Temp Agency, which is a part of Grupo Compta, was created in Lisbon on March 15th, 1995.

Awards, Affiliations, and Certificates

Corporate Responsibility

Multitempo constitutes a social and environmental corporation with a motivated and mobilised team of Employees who create value for Clients and contribute towards Community welfare. Social Responsibility is one of our key areas and it is reflected by a set of internally coordinated policies and practices, which intend to keep up with internal requirements and those of the surrounding market and Community.

Please read our 2020 Sustainability Report here.

Corporate Culture

Our Mission

To be a facilitator of employability ensuring stability, personal growth, and financial security for our Employees promoting transparent and reliable labour relations. It is also our mission to contribute to the country’s financial development adding value to the society and companies.

Our Vision

We wish to be a reference for our excellence and innovation in all business areas. We intend to develop our activity in a transversal manner within the context of human resource market globalisation with custom solutions creating value for our Employees and Clients.

Our Values

Trust; Innovation; Passion for what we do; Excellence; Rigour; Ethics; Transparency; Dedication; Flexibility; Availability; Focus; and Commitment.

Quality Policy

We intend to provide flexibility, value, and comfort to our Clients in terms of human resource management. We favour the satisfaction of our Clients carrying out actions that aim at their Loyalty, developing partnerships and reliable relationships of proximity. We are relying on a permanent development of methodologies, innovation, diversification, and specialisation, hence ensuring a diverse range of services and higher quality in the provision of services.

We are also relying on the value of our Employees encouraging and promoting a constant update in their skills by means of professional training and our commitment to continuously improve the Quality Management System. This commitment not only allows for us to identify opportunities and minimise threats to this business, but it also increases the satisfaction of interested parties in strict compliance with the legislation in force.

We also ensure compliance with the requirements of the Quality Management System and undertake to improve its efficiency.