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With more than a decade of experience in this sector, we are aware of the high requirements of Civil Aviation and are responsible for technical and administrative management allowing for focus to be placed on operations, clients, and business goals.

Our work begins with the complex process of recruitment and selection following that set out in the EU Regulation, integration, and management of temporary workers. Partnering with us allows for more flexibility in terms of Human Resource Management, lower fixed costs, and the necessary adjustments to market oscillations.


We have ‘turnkey’ Agricultural Business solutions for Clients, which include hiring and managing field workers considering all the inherent logistics to the travel of working teams without overlooking productivity, absence, and the replacement of workers in good time.

Banking, Insurance, and Services

We have more than 20 years of experience in this sector. Our attitude towards Clients and Employees is characterised by rigour, ethics, professional motivation, responsibility, and transparency.

We create value due to exceeding expectations starting with the requirements and intensity used to diagnose profiles for hiring – so that they will be placed within the logic of ‘right people in the right role’ – up to the adaptation, alignment, and optimisation of our processes to the reality of each Client so that operations will run smoothly.


We undertake our commitment to manage projects in this sector by developing together with the Client an integrated Human Resource management system in line with the company’s strategy and organisational culture ensuring compliance with the quality standards and strict production plans.

By being currently based on technological development and innovation, selecting professionals with the right profile and best qualifications for this sector has become a critical factor of success to ensure that companies are more productive and efficient.

Infrastructures and Highways

We have proven experience and know-how in the operational management of projects developed for this sector, which has been modernised over the past years with quality, reliable, sustainable, and resilient, and regional and cross-border infrastructures. The main goal is to support economic development and human well-being focusing on equal access at accessible prices for all.

We can address Client occasional or strategic challenges by developing hiring solutions and providing expert advice adapted to their needs.

Logistics and Retail

We work on hiring and selecting the best professionals in this sector, which is subject to a considerable disruption and uncertainties. How to produce in less time and make faster deliveries? How to surprise in a good way the network of Suppliers and Clients?

Our advisers have the experience and know-how to provide expert and personal advice in relation to market trends ensuring adapted solutions to the occasional or strategic needs of Clients. We develop hiring processes adapted to their needs allowing for the right match between a vacancy and the Applicant.


Companies and institutions in this sector have the crucial role of promoting Healthcare in communities and contributing to a better quality of life for citizens, particularly in terms of increasing the average life expectancy. 

Our experience in this important sector is based on resorting to the skills of in-house teams, which allow for an identification of the most qualified profiles with the better soft skills as well as an efficient and strict management of these projects.


The rhythm associated with technological development and constant transformation has led companies in this sector to feel the need for flexibility and reinvention where the guarantee of a change is the only certainty. This sector has become indispensable in the development of companies in every business sector requiring high levels of performance to make it in this global and competitive market.

We have essential and distinctive know-how, strategies, and tools to attract, select, manage, and keep professionals in this sector.

Our partnership with Multitempo has been quite good due to the whole team’s flexibility, commitment, professionalism, and dedication. From the early days of this partnership, we have felt there was a concern for continuous improvement and providing an excellent service, for which they work daily. We also feel their care in the treatment and supervision of their Workers, which sets us at peace as a user company that values every human contribution.

WEGeuro - Indústria Eléctrica

Distinctive in their labour market, Multitempo – Grupo RHmais – is an excellent partner that adds value, sustainability, profitability, and enhances our Company’s business. Our long professional relationship has been based on technique, rigour, quality, and skills generating our continuous satisfaction and enriching our human capital – the utmost value of any organisation.


Multitempo is a business partner that adds great value to our organisation. Their guarantee of compliance with legal obligations is assuring for us.

Hutchinson Borrachas de Portugal

We have been working with you for some time now and we have watched part of your journey. I can say, on our side, that this partnership has been quite valuable having helped both companies to evolve and move on like the successful companies that we are. We thank you very much and hope that you keep evolving and innovating so that we may continue and strengthen our links.


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